ER 20070903 _Least Space Of Agreement

First day of the artist's participation to ER and the emergency for him is to define the bases on which he intends to develop his ideas.
He uses a form of an "art journal" split in three parts.

Part number one presents the way Kostas Beveratos understands the authority of the curator and also uses this as an excuse to develop some ideas of his on the topic of authority and belief:

"Colonel means authority.
I don't give a shit for authority.
The need for authority, like the need for belief and the need for god, is the proof of human insufficiency.

I can not accept human insufficiency.
I want to be complete.
I want to be god.

(An ant is god. A deer is god. A radish is god. Sand is god. No human is god.)

Thierry is a human. This human has a great idea.
This human believes in utopia.
He believes in humanity.

Thierry made a game for humans.
He says: Humans can be gods.
Humans can save themselves.

I love this game.
I trust Thierry.
I urge to walk along with him."

Part number two seeks to put the bases of collaboration with other artists:
"Least space of agreement. Eλάχιστος τόπος συμφωνίας."
Η προϋπόθεση της πλήρους συμφωνίας σε ένα γενικότερο σύνολο επιδιώξεων είναι παράγοντας ανασταλτικός για κάθε είδους πρωτοβουλία και δράση.
Η αποδοχή του Ελάχιστου Τόπου Συμφωνίας ως σημείου αφετηρίας αποτελεί από μόνη της μια δυναμική επιλογή, η οποία επιτρέπει την δημιουργία μικρών ή μεγάλων ομάδων που επιδιώκουν την επίτευξη συγκεκριμένων στόχων:

Part number three "opens the door" to the public in order to participate the ER and produce art comments on daily topics considered to be urgent.
An Emergency Form for the public is let out.
The same time this form reminds to us that bureaucracy is the enemy of any great ideals and institutions: