ER 20070929 _In the name of the merciful God

"The human instinct for growth, development, expansion coming from the person, the tribe, the nation, leads the one body of humanity to fatal antagonisms: a sometimes pleasant and sometimes tragic self-consumption. The fact that made this instinct necessary in order for the weak humans to survive through centuries in an enemy, dangerous environment does not any longer exist. Humanity has been for long now ruling the earth and therefor has to re-evaluate its mentality, its behaviors and its goals. It is emergency to reinvent the reasons of our existence in order to protect ourselves from ourselves."

Kostas Beveratos in order to describe this concept invites Ira Spagadorou (Visual Artist) to present her project "In The Name Of The Merciful God". The two artists created plenty of easy-to-make over-cloths made out of white paper with drawn lines that separate the body parts -the same way that we see a sketch of the cow's parts at a butcher's store. A celebration with people drinking wine and chatting, while all wearing the over-clothes, takes place at the ER at exactly 12:30 at noon.

At the same time a music performance takes place with Marianthi Sontaki reading parts of stock market news of the day and parts of recipes for lamp cooking found in today's newspaper, while at the same time Yiannis Skoulidas (alto saxophone), Giorgos Stathakis (accordion) and Kostas Beveratos (drums) performed Emergency Music sounding like an alert.

In conclusion, the artist continues to develop the "Kill Faith, Not Humanity" concept (ER 20070921, ER 20070915). Humanity has to re-invent the messages that gods carry to it. "God's Latest Will" appears to be a new testament in which God crosses out his last one "Grow and cultivate".

Pins are made and let out for the public:

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