ER 20070921 _Kill Faith, Not Humanity

On the first page of the newspaper Kathimerini (20070920) the prime minister appears to be making an oath in the name of the christian-orthodox religion's God.

"What does this ritual in which the government and the prime minister participate means? Are these medieval figures actually needed in order to verify my vote? Are these persons whom I voted responsible for their decisions and actions or they transfer the responsibility to god's will? Do I have to believe in this god?"

The question that the human need for belief creates to the artist appears here once more (ER 20070915).
On the triptych he brought to ER, on page one he places the newspaper's photograph as found.
On page two he makes the statement: "The day that we will no longer need to devote oaths to gods, we might then feel responsible for our actions".
On page three he presents Caravaggio's painting The sacrifice of Isaac (Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence) along with the statement "Kill Faith Not Humanity". This statement appears to be the message that the angel delivers to Abraham as "God's latest Will". This way the artist suggests that humanity should look for new messages coming from its gods. He proposes an evolution of the human kind by choice more than by need, that could lead humanity to a future without antagonism, human arrogance and terror.