ER 20070926 _Murder Official

"Mass media daily present war as an expected, inevitable human activity. War though is murder in mass scale. This encountering simply proves that humanity is still in the middle of its savage stage of evolution and doesn't seem, for now, to have the mental ability to evolve further on."

On page two of this triptych appear four pages of a past issue of the Colors magazine covered though with a sheet of paper since not all can stand the shock of the pictures presented.
On page three Natali Adrine Karayan presents two texts. One of her own and one by Marguerite Youncenar:

"Find me a pretext / and let me wake up again. / In the silence of the crowds stomping away the memories / of a so called epoch / of peace... / Show me the blindness on nostalgic rooftops of / this devastated city. / Show me resemblance of a notorious darkness / that rose in silence. / Where do you come from and who are your traitors? / Above the warmongers lay threads of clouds / that no longer can we see. / Let me stray as they vanish in chaos. / As chaos is the word that caused / your panic; our panic. / Shall we persevere? I wonder, indeed." Natali Adrine karayan

"Σ'αυτά τα τέσσερα χρόνια του πολέμου, πενήντα οχυρά και περισσότερες από ενιακόσιες πόλεις και χωριά λεηλατήθηκαν και καταστράφηκαν. Ο εχθρός έχασε εξακόσιες χιλιάδες περίπου ανθρώπους. Οι μάχες, οι ενδημικοί πυρετοί, οι επιδημίες, μας άρπαξαν ενενήντα περίπου χιλιάδες. Άμέσως ακολούθησε η αποκατάσταση. Η Αϊλια Καπιτωλίνα ξαναχτίστηκε, σε μια μετριοπαθέστερη εξάλλου κλίμακα. Πρέπει να ξαναρχίζουμε πάντα." Marguerite Yourcenar, Αδριανού Απομνημονεύματα

On the floor underneath the triptych the artist has placed issues of the monthly greek war-related magazines: