ER 20070927 _I don't suck money in

"Money under the table is a common practice for public servants in Greece. Even at the national health system. Poor people are forced to spend huge amounts of money in order to receive basic services. It is emergency to stop such practices and gain self respect as a society."

The artist presents a video, posted on the internet the day before, where a physician confesses:
"I'm really ashamed about what's happening. I'd rather stay anomynous though. Plain people come in. Poor people, retired, wage earners. And my colleague physicians treat them as an additional source of income. I'm sorry and ashamed on their account. This is inconceivable to me. It's not a matter of politics, or ideologies or of something similar to these. It's a matter of personal dignity. We are an undignified society. The only thing I can call this is being vulgar. Vulgarity. Those who claim that it's the fault of the statesmen are just hypocrits. It's the fault of each and one of us, of our own individual vulgarity. To put it simply, this is precisely what determines politics. I very much feel vulgar myself, as they are; even though I'm not part of the same scheme. But I don't do something about it either. I'd like to walk around wearing a pin that would state: “I don't suck money in”. But I'm scared. I'm scared they would lynch me."

Additionally he produces pins with the message:
“I don't suck money in”.

Download and make your own pin:

The physician is performed by Marianthi Sontaki.
Text is by Kostas Beveratos.
Any similarity to real events or persons is totally coincidental.