ER 20070925 _Memory Connection

Yesterday I received two e-mails. The one was coming from, an organization representing people that are being born in Greece and the authorities don't provide them with any kind of papers so it's like they don't exist either in this country or in any other place in the world.
The other, was coming from the 1st Athens Biennial announcing an art event related to the 8.855 refugees which have been killed while trying to enter the EU.

Natali Adrine Karayan proposed the idea of connecting the refugee buildings -built in 1935 on Alexandra's Ave. for the purpose of housing Asia Minor refugees- to the gallery through a thread. An action that seeks to bring the refugee buildings to the Emergency Room by using a simple hand-made children's toy (a thread and a plastic or metal pot on each side that transfers sound from one side to the other). A connection for memory-recall at a city of refugees and immigrants.

"A symbolic action. A symbolic act. A symbol. Is a symbol a monument? Does a monument become a symbol?
A symbolic monument or a monumental symbol?"
"A thread crossing... two opposite sides in between... a void. A vacuum. The passage is(?) pilled with an invisible narrative string. Or thread. Depending on its fragility. Le fil narrateur, the narrative string, το αφηγηματικό νήμα. Shouldn't we fill in our missing narrative voids?" N.A.K.