ER 20070913 _Terrorist of the Day; Biko

Thirty years ago since yesterday, Bantu Stephen Biko was murdered by the South African authorities while being imprisoned under the Terrorism Act law.

Kostas Beveratos creates his daily art journal dedicated to Bantu Stephen Biko who is today's "Terrorist of the Day" (ER 20070911, ER 20070906, ER 20070904).
This journal is consisted by three parts.

On part number one the artist downloaded, printed and posted at the ER, internet pages related to the thirty years of Biko's death anniversary:,,2-7-1442_2181296,00.html

On part number two the documentary "The Life and Death of Steve Biko" as found on the internet,
along with Peter Gabriel's tune and video clip "Biko" are presented on video.

On part number three the artist wonders:
"Who Defines What Terror Is?"

"Am I a terrorist? Are my thoughts terroristic?
Is my life in danger because of my ideas? Because of my struggle for freedom or equality?
How much oppression should I accept without resisting?
I define any oppressors as terrorists and choose to send them to Guantanamo.
Are you among them?"