ER 20070920 _Discourse; Discours; Λόγος

"Discourse; Discours; Λόγος.
What is discourse today? Dis-cursus? Cursus...
Κούρσους. Who speaks the words?
What words are spoken?
Do we become the words?
Or the words become 'we'?"

The new government is set. Voters did their duty and now the greek parliament and the five parties are ready to start the sessions.
Business as usual. Total emergency.

Kostas Beveratos and Natali Adrine Karayan (Social Scientist) formed five "faceless" masks made out of plaster and paper.
Each mask appears to have only mouth from where a specific material for each seems to be extracted in a violent, non-natural way. Five statues imprisoned-tight to their cause, unable to communicate or interact.

An A3 print is placed on the floor infront of the "statues" presenting a dialogue from Plato's Politeia. The dialogue appears cut off from its original meaning: "So, do you remember at the last selection for leaders, what kind of people we selected? Of course I do, said he".