ER 20070915 _Kill Faith, Not Humanity

Inspired by the political parties' campaigns and especially by last evening's speech that the prime minister gave to a grand mass of supporters, Kostas Beveratos created a complex project.

"Viewing the mass of supporters-believers on TV, while listening to the prime minister's speech I got the sense of a great danger right outside my door. If a government which for four years appeared to be unable to handle the most simple problems, while failing to inspire the society on any topic, gains such support from the society, there is definitely a serious problem originated to human nature. And this can be described in three words: Need for Faith."

The artist presents on video a "waving" mass of people taken from the governing party's web site. He has saturated the colors so that the waving mass becomes an abstract body of one.

Then he posts on the wall four A3 pages.
On page one he presents a renaissance painting by Beato Angelico (Annunciation, Santa Maria delle Grazie, San Giovanni Valdarno), along with the statement "Kill Faith Not Humanity".
This statement appears to be the message that the angel delivers to Maria as "God's latest Will".
This way the artist suggests that humanity should look for new messages coming from its gods.
"Humanity has to face a new necessity. Either choose faith and commit suicide or choose the way to self consciousness and survive."
On pages number two and three he places two photos taken from the video.
On page four he presents the entire prime minister's speech.

"All this great celebration leads me to an unbearable sadness"
Kostas Beveratos composed a simple melody performed at the ER by Pantelis Paschalidis (trompet), Giorgos Stathakis (accordion) and himself (drums), over which Marianthi Sontaki read parts of the prime ministers speach.