ER 20070905 _The Sweetness of Temporal Power

Οn the newspaper "Eleftherotypia" of September 4th there was an article about the statement made by the archbishop Christodoulos in which he adds to the "policy of fear" imposed by members of the greek government.

This "policy of fear" suggests that the enormous disaster that burnt a great amount of the greek forests, many people's belongings and many people themselves, was a product of dark powers, enemies of the greek people which want to harm the greek nation acting through an organized plan in order to succeed their goals.
This suggestion brings responsibilities for this disaster away from the government and the society, at a time right before the national elections.
The archbishop Christodoulos has in many occasions declared his support to "the 'right' of the Lord" while expecting to receive back support from the right conservative party on subjects such us the social demand for the separation of church and state authorities -an unsolved problem that no politician "touches" and has its roots back to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.
The identification between spiritual and temporal authorities, common practice during these Empires, inherited the Greek Orthodox Church with tremendous property in currency and real estate all around Greece.
This property develops bonds with the state authorities that effect the planning and targeting of the society. An example of this is the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. Education and religion in Greece appear to be related and under the authority of the same Ministry. This, obviously, secures that the holiness of the wealth of the Greek Orthodox Church will be secured away from any doubts.
The artist created two A3 pages both containing the original newspaper page.

On page one the artist, to the end of the original title "Christodoulos 'sees' an organized plan..." adds the phrase "...of the church to build in forest lands that owns"
Many cases have been recorded in which church authorities attempt -and often succeed- to use land, such as forests, in order to develop real estate plans.

On page two the artist presents the original newspaper page under the title "The spiritual leader and the sweetness of temporal power".
The person authorized, for any reason, by the majority of the society to offer the hope of eternal life, the same time imposes, directly or indirectly, what one should vote at the state elections.