ER 20070911 _Religious affairs

The schools begin today in Greece.
Education is today the emergency topic for the artist.
The greek society is systematically lead towards the medieval ages by the relation of the state with the orthodox church.
Here the artists presents the complete site of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs related to Religious Schools.

In the form of the art journal that the artist often uses, he also presents as "Terrorist of the Day" (ER 20070904, ER 20070906, collaboration with Despoina Papageorgiou and Vicky Nikolaou), Regas Feraios, inspiration of the greek enlightenment who was executed by the collaborating austrian and ottoman authorities, along with statements by church authorities verifying the rightness of the execution.
The art journal also includes an issue of "The Daily Death Observer correspondence" (ER 20070904, ER 20070906, collaboration with Dimitri Christofis) and a (fiction) Manifest for Education supposedly proposed by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.