ER 20070918 _The Glorious March Of Superiority

The nationalistic party of LA.O.S. (Popular Orthodox Alert) entered for the first time the greek parliament after the national elections of the 16th of September.
"The belief of a person that the nation he belongs to is superior to all other nations is instinctive and primitive. However, it occupies a lot of space in the mythology (meaning historical collective consciousness), more or less, of all nations."

Kostas Beveratos invited people of all nations to participate The Glorious March of Superiority. Each one shall shout loud that his nation is superior to the others.
The music for this march was performed by Pantelis Paschaldis (trompet), Giorgos Stathakis (accordion) and Kostas Beveratos (snare drum).
The event had an unexpected outcome.

Preparations for the march:

Leaflets and little flags for the participants:

The event:

Music score:

Trash is always left behind:

The artist Kali Katsouri was motivated by Kostas Beveratos's call for collaboration and created a related project. She hanged little "flags" of white paper by a string on the wall and invited everyone to consider it as his personal non-national flag and comment on it. Pencils were also hunging from the string.

Kali Katsouri coments:
"...I believe that we should start feeling human than anything less, and the bad aspects of today's nationalism are against humanism. We don't really need flags to show who we are or what we stand for, but we will always need to share our thoughts."

The result appears to be contradictory: